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Lite Ace


The much loved vehicle is making a comeback in the market which is geared towards creating  yet another feat for Toyota brand which seeks to satiate the needs of micro, small and medium enterprises that induces the growth of the country’s economic development. Toyota Motor Philippines brings us the newly improved Toyota Lite Ace which was launched last Friday (July 15, 2022).

Exterior & Interior Features

The Panel Van variant stretches 4,045mm x 1,665mm x 1,930mm, while the Pick up measures 4,195mm x 1,675mm x 1920mm.

The former has a 790kg payload capacity while the latter can load up to 950kg worth of Cargo.


Both variants  are revved by gasoline engine with manual transmission, geared with 97 horsepower at 6 revolutions per minute with a rear wheel drive and 14 inches wheels.


Newly revamped and relatively mobile for all. Toyota Lite Ace has a new face, unlike a super mini van like before it is now an improved light commercial vehicle (LCV) that comes with more than one rear body type configuration that can adapt to your business needs.

Car Safety Features

The new Lite Ace has a capacity of 2 front seats and 2 airbags for safety in case there is an unexpected collision.

1.5L Panel Van M/T
P 685,000
White 2
1.5L Pickup M/T
P 600,000
White 2
1.5L FX M/T
P 727,000
White 2
1.5L Cargo M/T
P 699,000
White 2
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